Environmental Epidemiology

Environmental epidemiology is the study of the factors that influence the rate, power and geographic extent of mental prosperity. It is a department of the study of the transmission of diseases that studies the disclosure of natural exposures that add or protect against injuries, diseases, developmental disorders, inefficiencies and deaths; and clear evidence of open prosperity and medical service exercises to manage the threats associated with destructive exposures. Environmental exposures can be classified in detail between those close to, including chemicals, physical administrators, and microbiological pathogens, and those that are distal, for example, budget conditions, changing atmospheric conditions, and other large-scale natural changes. Environmental epidemiology research can help assess risks; improved rules and other risk organization activities; and measures of the concomitant advantages and disadvantages of the methodologies described to reduce the global environment.


  • Income and social status
  • Education and literacy
  • Healthy behavior

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